I Will Stop This Time

Its been almost a week (i think) since I last scratched/cut although since then I have been hitting my arms, hands, legs and head against walls and corners (tables, doors, cuboards). so does that count as SH?

Before I tried to stop the first time I didnt see what I do/did as a problem, I had to hide it cos ppl get upset over it and judge me unfairly for it but other than that I thought I could just stop whenever I wanted to, it was just something I did.

When I got fed up of hiding and depending on it to calm me down I tried to stop and failed miserably. I went only a few days got really idk, stressed out and well im sure u can guess what happened. ive tried to stop a few times since then but obv. no luck.

The longest ive gone without when trying to stop is about 2 weeks. pathetic I know. Im determined this time. I want to beable to wear short sleeved shirts this summer and maybe even skirts. Or even go swimming. Im aiming for something this time rather than just stopping cos im fed up of it. wish me luck. lol

pine90apple pine90apple
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Don't be disappointed if you relapse. I still do, and I am 40. I went two years without incident, and then it hit me out of the blue. Remember the good in yourself and how you are trying. And friends are only a message away. :)