The Past Weeks..

Things have been pretty rough. I'm at a new stage in my life where I do quite literally have to start over. I need a new job, a new home, and a new life. I spent one week in shock, after a piece of news that I really didn't expect to get. I took that as a sign that I hadn't learnt everything from that experience rather than looking at it as the end of it all.

I've looked around and found the amount of support here, my birthday was a classic example. Never in my entire life have I received so many well wishes, gifts, and messages. People actually care :) It's stunning it really is. It has given me hope, when at times I thought I had none.

Thank you to you all who have helped contribute, you really have made the past couple of weeks bearable. It has helped me to see a way through the shitt rather than thinking of it as the beginning of the end.. It's merely the beginning..
Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
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9 Responses Jul 13, 2010

I will do.. hey, I set up this group didn't I ;)

LMN- Tomorrow is but another yesterday....<br />
Embrace your new beginning....

Good just keep looking forward you will get their ..............

*hugs Pup, and College* I know.. it's actually refreshing!! :) <br />
<br />
salar1: It is, and I have in just a few months :)

ohhhhhhhhh now just for that Smug makes room in the Pug bed for you when ever you need it!

Thats why you are hear Lmn to create a new start ....

You are kick awesome LMN and you do the same for all of us. *hugs* <br />
Nothing wrong with a fresh start, sometimes it's the healthiest thing we can do.

*BIGGER HUGS BACK* Pup, in fact... *reaches into pocket for treats* I got you some Puppy Choc Drops...

awe sits by your side and hugs you! HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG