I Am Shocked! I Have Been Blocked By A Ep Member To Reply To Her Comment!

I didn't see this coming. I didn't even know, it was possible. I had commented on a story about a person, who hates children, she posted a
completely abusive reply with the most atrocious, low life and swearing comments and then blocked me from being able to reply! I wasn't
going to waste much time on her, as I don't converse with people who are so abusive, I just wanted to tell her this and bide my good bye,
but I didn't get the chance...
This is definitely a new side of EP that I haven't experienced before! I thought, it was only possible to flag stories or comments by reporting them
the EP headquarters and they would be deleted, but it seems I was wrong. Why would you see a need to block somebodies comment, if it's
made in a decent way... I am left to ponder!
Has this happened to anybody else?

IQplusfun IQplusfun
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I love kids.. it's beyond me how anyone can not but I suppose there are some people who are eaten up with hatred and bitterness and maybe the womans dislike of children has something to do with that and that's why she reacted so inflamably towards you. I say you should just feel pity and sadness for her because she will never know the joy that children bring to your life.