Session Six: Step Away From the Energy Drink...

I'm hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper right now!  WAY too much RockStar Pomegranate today!  Bouncing off the walls manic and HYPER!  Wanna know how I'm entertaining myself?  Talking to people here.  Anyone that'll talk back.  Anyone wanna talk?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?  I'm really, really, really bored right now...  And I just got a phone call that was a recorded voice telling me to vote for Mike Huckabee in the Caucus on Thursday...  That's tomorrow!  Tomorrow!  Tomorrow!  I can't stop repeating myself.  What issues I have tonight.  Tomorrow is another day...  Caucus day!  What in the world is Caucus day?  What is a Caucus?  Caucus.  Caucus.  Now the word means nothing.  Just letters.  C-A-U-C-U-S.  Caucus.  LMBO  My goodness, I'm almost out-of-control...  HAHAHAHAHA!  Please help me.
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Seems to me that that's what politics has resorted to nowadays anyhow... How appropriate. lol

haha cockis... wtf??

Caucus sounds naughty. Like... You're asking someone to slap a male reproductive organ on your group of people. 0.0 One for an entire group. That's gotta suck. <br />
<br />
Can't they come up with a less suggestive name for it? LOL

Finally fell asleep at like three this morning... Was up, of course, at five with the kids. Yay two hours of sleep! ;)

just breath, breath! =) oh, and please, stop drinking coffeine drinks and much much sweets.. :)

I have issues. Just a quick note to say that it's been four hours or something since I logged off to go to bed, and I'm STILL not asleep... Bonkers!!! ;)

LOL... It's just funny to me. CAUCUS!!!! But I'm really easily entertained... :) Obviously. ;) SMILE!

Igiveup, Caucuses are basically the same as Primaries. People go and support and lobby for their candidates in an open, rather than private form. Or, as one of my favorite politicians, the late, great Democrat from Arizona, Morris Udall once said:<br />
<br />
"I've learned the difference between a cactus and a caucus. On a cactus, the ****** are on the outside."<br />
<br />
Or how about after his loss to Jimmy Carter in the 1976 Iowa Caucus:<br />
<br />
"The people have spoken, the bast*rds!"

Truly, that's how I feel... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D