Session One Why I Feel I Fail Myself

Dr. Angel: What Brings you to see me today?

Karie: Everything Feels so ****** up Right Now.

Dr. Angel: Why do you Feel this way?

Karie: I just don't know what To do anymore. I mean everything i do seems either wrong Or Out of place or Just plain Wrong. I try and Try Never seems to be enough for Anyone ( excluding one)

Dr. Angel: Do you Think Mabe your over analyzing the situation here? Sometimes we tend to do that when Life Isn't at it's best.

Karie: Mabe.

Dr.Angel: Well Karie Tell me What seems to be making you feel not good Enough..

Karie: Well I find it hard to express myself. Because I hate hurting others. When I do I find myself Cold and Dark Feeling lonely And out of place.

Dr. Angel: Karie Do you Think mabe Finding another way to express yourself Will help?

Karie: Not really It's still going to hurt those around me. So why Not Just keep my Mouth shut and bottle it up.

Dr.Angel: Karie one can hide itself So Long before the Anger, Bitterness and Every other emotion is going to Be And Emotional Bomb. Your May tick and Noone Be able to help you.

Karie: Dr. I look out for others. My words Are Very Cold when I become closed. I will hurt everyone who Comes To Close. I don't want to do that.

Dr.Angel: Karie, Karie, Karie, I don't know what else to tell you. Your Going to have to Find a Balance to Your Problem. I don't know how else to help you. Listen to you heart and Mind don't act on anything. Learn to Talk to others. It's The best way to Fine a Balance and become better at talking to people.

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1 Response May 31, 2008

I wish you would talk to me. Even if it was nothing but hurtful words, you'd still be talking to me. And that's all that's important, you talking to me.