Session # 2. Fear of Being Left,

Karie: Hello Doc. Me Again. Whats New.

Dr. Angel: What Seems to be on your Mind?

Karie:Many Things But the one is Fear.

Dr. Angel: What Is This Fear?

Karie: Of Being Left. Being Alone with noone Here.To understand or Relate, or Just talk to.

Dr. Angel: Why do you Fear being Left?

Karie: From the beginning? Well For Starters It seems to be the Thing people are best at doing. I am Guilty of Feeling the Need to walk away. Even with myself. It seems when everything Goes Wrong Someone Everyone Just wants to walk. I Was Left Alot. I just want a Constant good and bad Someone to stay and Try to work it out. The saying Rather Here hurtful words, Than no words at all. That's me I rather Here Pain that not hearing anything. But Noone Seems to understand that. It hurts to Think mabe when we Fight David Will just Lock his phone away and Just Avoid it. Well that Hurts Worst I just Want to talk. It's always Seemed to be the way. I work But it brings me Back to not being good enough. He wonders Why I Say he deserves better. It's  not so Much Of Better Just not me. I mean If I can't make  him happy then want I him to be happy.  I feel I suck at it now. I feel I am Just Holding on to Fear Because it's a cycle that Repeats We fight we Cut each other out.

Dr. Angel: Well Karie it's time to crack that shell tell David What it is That's Hurting you !!!

Karie: But what if it ****** him off?

Dr. Angel: Better to **** him off and work it out, Than Not say anything And having the Situation Get deeper.

Karie: Where Do I start? There is so Much I want to say. So Much pain. I just don't know where to start. I am scared he will want to walk. Or Think I am to difficult. Why does Love Have to be So Rough?

Dr. Angel: Talk to him just Like We are talking. Pain is  a part of Life You have to learn to deal with it. Start From the beginning. I doubt if you are honest he will understand. Love is always a Gamble we How to manage it.

Karie: I Guess Thanks.

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2 Responses May 31, 2008

I like this. At some point, you have to jump in instead of out. People are good at leaving, so don't help them out.

I'm not going to walk away. Not again, I'm sick and tired of leaving you alone in the Dark hurting. Talk to me, tell me what is hurting you. I'd rather hear that I'm doing things that are constantly hurting you than the word nothing. It doesn't matter where you start, just that you start.