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Being on welfare means limited choices (rough I know but true). I found a low cost therapist on the internet and went for the assessment interview.She said she was in training and would offer 6 sessions and we could review it after that. Hey ho off we go I thought.I have a long term disability and managed to organise transport to the therapists home.I got there early once and she said she could not let me in as she was not ready for me.I want to say that session was hard as I felt she was not very empathetic, but hey its not my home and she has the last say.Another and by the way last session I was waiting to go home she put me outside in the stormy rain and for over 1 hour I was terrorised by the local yobs come burglars!I knew I could not relie on her as she had made it clear she needed her own space.I vowed never to go back.
missmadam missmadam
41-45, F
Jan 28, 2010