Finding The Right Counsellor Or Therapist

It is always interesting to try and find a good therapist to work with what you bring. Not every therapist is qualified to work with every issue. TTLisaof2 mentions becoming her therapist's therapist. She also mentions one who became obsessed with the wrong thing.

I will say this to all going to therapy. Why are you going? If you are going to talk out issues from your past then you want a therapist who is a good listener. A good listener will respond to what you are saying and integrate it into a bigger picture showing you how different things can bring you to where you are. This is often called "insight" therapy. Insight into the core or root of the problem will make it possible to move forward.

Another type of therapist is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT). They will tend to want to focus on the past while setting goals for the future. Generally, a CBT pratitioner will want to see some change.

You can also consider a clergyman (many priests and pastors take counseling seriously and study it intensively in graduate school). They can help you with the spiritual dimension as well as the underlying psychological issues.

If you are blocked and not getting anywhere, a hypnotist or hypnotherapist might be of help. A hypnotist works with your subconscious mind and can get past some of the blocks you may experience in dealing with your issues. Sometimes they used age regression and can often get you through blocks that you did not recognize consciously. There are varying levels of skill with hypnotists, so if one doesn't work out, much like with other kinds of self-care, find one who does. Hypnotists tend to be more future focused (but some like delving deep into the past, including times before this life). Ideally you want to use therapy to get somewhere positive in the future rather than focusing backwards.

A coach could also be the best choice. If you need more direction than healing from mental illness then a coach can help you focus and move forward. Generally, a hypnotist or a coach does not deal with "Mental Health" (unless licensed by their state to do so). So you will not find a hypnotist or a life coach that will deal with depression or bi-polar disorder or any of the other mental healt issues found in the DSM-IV. If they will and they aren' tlicensesed to do so, they may be a risky proposition.

BeMYBadGirl BeMYBadGirl
51-55, M
May 15, 2012