How I View My Therapist Relationship

In our first session, she complimented me enthusiastically. That made me feel great about myself. That night I thought, "I would totally pay someone to give me compliments like that!" It's one reason I went back. She really seems to care about me. The thought occurred that it is her job to care, so of course she will seem that way. In our last session I told her how greatful I am for her & she told me how much she loves what she does. Her passion for therapy made me feel like she really does mean what she tells me. I feel support for my thoughts and actions, that I am on the right track. She encourages me to do what I want with my life! I am not so hard on myself these days. I worry less about what "other people" think & more about what will make me happy. My main goal is to be free of that pressure in my mind. She tells me I am one of her favorites that she doesn't mind going over the time limit for. She makes me feel special.
Samerina Samerina
26-30, F
May 16, 2012