Since I was I think 8 I've been going to therapy. I've probably have had about 20 or so shrinks. And most of them I cursed at, walked out of session etc. I was a little **** when I was younger and I didn't think that I needed help. I was diagnosed with depression at 13 and anxiety, insomnia. I wasn't diagnosed with bipolar disorder until I was 20. I quit going to therapy for a long time because I thought there wasn't any one that could really help, and all of them did the "how does that make you feel" rap. I am starting therapy now and its been like 5 years since I've seen one. I saw my new therapist 2 days ago and I'm actually really happy and excited to start therapy with her. Because she doesn't do regular therapy she does- Eye movement desensitization & reprocessing therapy. Her specialty is trauma victims. And I really think her therapy is going to work for me. I also do on my own Art therapy, and Journal therapy, but I'm going to do the journal therapy with her, because I'm better expressing myself and my emotions through writing and painting. There's hope for this crazy girl yet! :)
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I'm in the same boat! (Almost) it didn't feel like it was helping so I stayed away for 3 years. Now I'm going back. Good luck