Saviours Moonlight Kiss

The gallant Knight of the Road

dismounted from his horse

he lead his mount behind

 together off  they walked

The fire crackled gently

casting rosy lights

upon the faces of

O"Wise One and emerald eyes

Moonlight filtered through 

the cloudless sapphire night

they sat beside each other 

the gallant Knight and the  Witch

companionship was in the air

a smile crossed their lips

horse he stood behind the group

he snickered at the Knight

he nuzzled with his master 

in that special moment 

the Knight he turned his head 

and shared 

a KISS upon his nose

Tgilly Tgilly
51-55, F
5 Responses Mar 15, 2010

It was my intention to make readers wonder : Did the horse kiss the Knight or did the Knight kiss the horse? Are you going with the first one? : ) <br />
O'Wise Ones hair, you'll just have to wait and see : )

Very nice just like horse to steel the kiss from it's intended victim but those emerald eyes that is nice what color is O'Wise one's hair

I agree with paco plus showing of a bond and a cause

Thank you paco : )

Your poetry has a nice refreshing with your other two, as like reading a fantasy story and reading poetry at the same time. <br />