Saviours Courage

The gallant Knight of the Road

touched his gilded sword

he stood his ground

back to back

the only way to go

they fought the fight

together just as one

O'Wise One raised her magic wand

the Knight he raised his sword

 weapons clashed

a sound of res'onation

together each with perfect step 

blood did run and life was lost

they did defy  the foe

to make the roads a safer place

for all Mankind to go

Tgilly Tgilly
51-55, F
6 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Good thoughts i hope, glad you liked it : )

it leaves me thinking I loved it

you're welcome, thanks for reading it : )

oh u write very well. nice! thanks for sharing*

Thank you paco. just remember that when your riding your bike and come home safely. It's all down to the "Saviours".

Your poetry tells a story in a series of chapters, clearing the way for weary travelers. The forces of good vs. evil.<br />