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I am so excited to be leaving home. Really, I couldn't be more thrilled. The idea of finally starting my life outised of the family spectrum is amazing! And that independance that comes with moving out... it's been long overdue, I feel. I mean, for a kid my age I guess I've gotten quite a bit of freedom in my life what with going away every summer for a month or 2 on my own halfway across the world. I've loved it, and frankly have always come home reluctantly. NOT because I have a bad life at home, but because you know that once you set foot back into the ordinary rhythm of everyday life, that satisfaction of individuality and independance that you gained over the summer is gone.

But with universities looming in the near future, adrenaline begins pumping through my veins again. I can't WAIT! To be honest I've only ever been to the UK twice. But I've been to Ireland to see my boyfriend countless times, I've been in a British school for the past 4 years and I live in an American household. So is it really going to be that much of a disconnect moving to the UK?

I've applied to the following universities:

1- Edinburgh

2- Nottingham

3- Newcastle

4- Leeds

5- Westminster

I've heard back only from 2, 3 and 4 (all of which accept me!) but I'm almost confident 1 and 5 will also have been a success whenever word does come in. Frankly Edinburgh is the toughest one of the bunch to get into, but I'm hoping for the best. If that's the case, I'll have to make a very tough decision between 1 and 2. See, I applied to 1 mainly because of it's name and ranking, which is very good. But where I really want to go to is 2, Nottingham. The only problem though (for my parents, really) is that it's been called Crime Central for a reason. Although I'm sure I would be fine if I keep an eye out for myself..

For those who are interested, I'm applying to study Chinese everywhere I applied, alongside something different according to the university. The two courses I'm most interested in would have to be Nottingham (Chinese+Global Issues) and Newcastle (Combined Studies, including Chinese+English lit+ Psychology).

But I really dont know where I'll end up. It all depends on many different things, like the accomodations, the teaching, the campus, the exchange programs, the safety... I'm going to go visit 1, 2 and 3 in a couple weeks to get a good feel for them. 4 and 5 frankly are just backup universities and considering I've been accepted already to 2 and 3, I don't really see the need to visit those.

Sorry, I know this post is a little boring and irrelevant to most people on EP, I just felt the need to share my feelings :)

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1 Response Feb 15, 2009

Hey, i am a british girl and am hoping to go to Endingburgh in the future <br />
good luck!<br />