I Am

I am your sun you are my ray
I will help you to be
All that you can
You will shine

I am your thorn, you are my rose
I will protect you
I will not cling
Like a vine

I am your lake, you are my water
My hope for the future you will be
To care for me and watch over me
That is what you will do

I am your tree you are my leaves
To share who and what I am
Part of my life you will be
That is important to me

I am your heart you are my beat
To my happiness you beat fast
My excitement is here
My fear's are gone

With me you are, I am yours
All that I am I will share
Love, life, and happiness
Always for you
2012angellove4u 2012angellove4u
46-50, F
Sep 13, 2012