Out Of Time

I'll start up at your shoulders,
Near the base of your neck,
Little circles too start the ease of your mind.

Firmly push my thumbs out,
To follow your collar,
Drawing a horizontal line

I sweep for the shoulders
To rub with my paws
I'll ring all your stresses away.

Then I'll pull my hands down
and circle around
Pull the ribcage and push the tension away... geeentllly.

My fingers will follow
the curve towards your spine
stretching your muscles about

Releasing your doubts,
Your worries and fears,
And turn your soul inside out.

Let's go back to the top
At the nape of your neck
I'll firmly push in my thumbs

Walking them down
Along your spine to its' ground
And that's when your pain starts to numb.

Let's run it back over
With the palms of my hands
Firmly to stretch you all out

But, oh! Wait a second
You only paid for a half
So Sir, your time has run out!

gypsofbabylon gypsofbabylon
26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 19, 2010

LOL! Jeez Hotrodd, I'm glad that I can make a good selling point! :)

OH GOD I WANT YOU!!!!! LOL<br />
But only If I can do you first!!!!!<br />
I mean massage sheesh<br />
You and your dirty mind!!!!!