How You like Your Massage

Good communication is very important to have good massage.

Before the session, it is vital you let the massage therapist know what you want from the massage. During the massage session, it helps both when the client tell us; what is the syle of massage looking for, what type of massage you like, amount of pressure, speed of movement, room temperature.

I am happy to give a massage today - What kind of massage you like and which oil? Fancy a litle aromatherapy ? Any body parts I really avoid to pay more attention.

Feel free to ask any embarrassing questions you hesitate to ask in face to face?
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i have never had a massage

Hi, I like to be nude and do not worry about being covered. Something about being naked with someone and sharing this type of sensual touch is very pleasant. I plan to take massage class before too long.
Can we do a massage exchange, I live in Western Australia

I agree. By being naked and totally undressed you are communicating your total trust in the massage therapist and creating intimacy. The massage may or may not have sexual energy but that is established by mutual consent.

Ummm ... is there a polite, courteous, friendly, non-insulting way to ask for a "happy ending"???

As a licensed therapist, there is no possible way to ask that, nor should you. I don't know what part of the world you live in, but in mine massage therapists go to school and are trained extensively in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, as well as pathology. We are not prostitutes. If a happy ending is what you want, seek a prostitute.

I love massages, but what I really like is when the therapist know exactly how to touch me without saying anything and that's unfortunately not given to every therapist.. As for the oil I really enjoy aromatherapy, pine, citrus, eucalyptus & lavender are my favorites. Does massage therapist enjoy receiving massages as much as they like giving them?

depend on the person - i really enjoy giving a massage to some one i like

We should get to know each other, I'll make sure you like me ;)

ohh i see : ) . what things u going to do !

I'll just be myself & cross my fingers! :)

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I want a deep slow massage with rose scented oil. The room should be cool. Shoulders are always in need of extra attention, so aren't feet.

Sounds great I love a good massage and always say what I like and where, when I am face down, I love my shoulder area to get extra attention, I always ***** naked as I am not shy, sometimes I see his trousers tenting as he gets an erection, how sweet.

I aspire it...

As a therapist, I totally agree with your statements about good communication being important.