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I became a massage therapist on Aug 15, 2011, and began working with 2 other women in a home based business. I am certified to provide several modalities including Shiatsu, Reflexology, Sport, Maternity, and Aroma-therapy. Helping someone feel special through touch is wonderful. How could anyone refuse the affections provided when being sensually caressed? I am pleased to meet wonderful people while doing something that I love. I enjoy seeing the results that massage brings to a client's life, and take pride in my abilities. I feel that my passion for giving is highly evident to everyone I work on. I never claim to be a counselor, but do hear a lot from my clients about their lives, and I enjoy talking to them.

Most of my clients are naked during the massage. If they are not comfortable with being nude in front of me, then they may wear underwear, even though that can impair my ability to perform the best techniques. Draping is always optional and left up to each person. Even a bra strap makes some techniques difficult, but not impossible, so I just work around it.

Most of the time I use virgin olive oil, which is easily available and does not leave stains or a long lasting scent.

I am usually wearing shorts and either a tank top or T-shirt.

Some clients like to talk about things while being touched, and others prefer more silence. I always have soft music playing along with scented candles and soft lighting.

I have no problem massaging women, and do quite a few of them. Being bi-curious often makes me have sexual thoughts, but they are never acted upon. Breast massage can be tricky because the tissues are delicate, but if done properly and with moderate pressure, massaging the breasts can make them firmer, and also aids in maintaining the balance of hormones. Despite caressing the upper thighs, I have never had a female client ask for any sexual release. Not sure what I would think if they did.

Also provide sports massage for a couple of area schools, for both genders.

I know many people associate massage with sex, which is unfortunate. Many of the so called parlors offer sexual favors, but do not know how to give a “true” massage. However, where I work we do offer some select ic clients a hand release, (yes like the TV show). All 3 of us follow the same rules as to who gets the ending, so that we are all doing the same thing. In the 9 months I have been doing this, I would guess that I have provided the “happy ending” to at least 40 different men. I have never offered oral despite being tempted.

Management is considering a new massage session which would involve the clients and us massaging each other.  More details if that happens.

Questions, thoughts, reactionary replies?
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I am surprised at the number of "happy endings" you give. Is this still happening? Do your male clients also ask you to take your top off and how do you respond?

mmmm where do you work?

My thought goes like this. . . . . You said in another story you were bi curious and had *********** with a girl friend that you previously just given a massage. Should you wish to consummate your curiousness, I suggest a nude massage with her on her stomach. Give the usual great massage, but when she is VERY relaxed you spread her buttocks a bit and lightly lick at her "star." She probably will startle a bit, but unless she jumps up immediately you continue to tongue her and then slip the pointed end into her an inch or so. When you can tell she isn't going to stop you, spread her legs a little and start on her slit. As you turn her over, curl two fingers into her to reach her G spot and circle her **** with your tongue a while and then suck it into your mouth while continuing to finger her G spot. From that point on, you have her moaning and she WILL *** all over your face. You will be amazed at the satisfaction of getting her off and who knows where it will escalate.

Is the happy ending extra lol

Sounds like a very healthy, open attitude.

I have had many massages both sexual and legit. I tend to be drawn more to the legit massage therapists. The ones who allow me to remain undraped also allow me to give myself a release but have never given me a happy ending. I only asked one and she said no so I assumed the others didn't either. I was just wondering if there are signs that I cna look for to see if the happy ending is available. Like I said I love the real massages and that is why I go but I thought that it would be nice to get a hand release from someone other than myself by a real massuse

well I would love to have a massage and enjoyable session, with the talking.. Where are you located?

Add me please

I have had massages overseas in Asia before and I like them, particularly anything that is full body. I live in a small, very conservative town which does have massage spas, but I worry about getting anything more than that. Can I request that a masseuse come to my home? Also, can I get a complete full body massage this situation, without worrying that the person is a police officer? My wife is gone for two months to her home country and I would like to relax in this opportune time. I don't want sex. I a pleasant experience and if a happy ending should happen to come with it, that would be nice. What is the price in the U.S. in the southwest and do I have to pay extra here for a happy ending? Thanks!

Mutual massage might be fun.

I would kill for a full body massage right now! sore from the weekend.

"However, where I work we do offer some select ic clients a hand release" How do you make the decision to give or not to give? Is it only for guys that get a massage on a weekly basis? Do they have to ask?

It's pretty awesome that you have found a job that you love to do at such a young age. It's a great profession that pays well and you can build a future from it. It sounds like your a people person and that means you will hardly get bored . Because every day will be a different adventure. You may even open your own private practice one day. Which could double or triple your income. People pay a lot to have a good masseuse come to their homes. After proper background checks of coarse. Your safety is always most important. We hope you will add us as friends. Thank you for sharing !! And hope all your dreams come true.......

Interesting. I respect and admire someone with the skill to do a good professional massage. I have had good massages, bad massages, and one nightmare. I have never asked for nor been offered a "happy ending."

Hi, I am i genuine guy who used to be into my sports, as a result I took a keen interest in massage therapy especially as for a few years when I had massages regularly I never had any sporting injuries. I am a 38 year old Black guy who is currently unemployed but after giving a massage to a lady, she suggested that I could charge as it was the best she had ever had. That gave me enough confidence to put a free ad online charging £60 with an intelligent worded ad I have had an okay response. I actually feel that not only have I had great feedback, after reading your post had made me feel that we have a lot in common. I am bi sexual but feel that my rampant sex days are over and regardless of a man or woman i can 100% hold back any sexual attention gained from giving sensual massage resulting in a professional service. I am not certified and want to be as know that i can offer massages far better than many of the ones I have had from certified therapists. I work from home on a used table but have decided to do this as a career, as know with the confidence I have with people from years in sales and the ability to understand that when I am with a woman sexually, it is always about the pleasure I can give them, I see 4 married women at the moment for sex with their partner watching, taking part or also being massaged and have told the all that they can have just the massage only which they love because they can't believe that I am prepared to give a massage without wanting anything in return. I hope you read this as have never been able to talk to anyone about this but see so many things we have in common, especially the fact that even though sex can be involved, it is always an added pleasure enhanced by massage. But I keep my sexually private and feel that my knowledge of sports can help me as know I can touch another man, woman or younger adult with the only thing in my mind being beneficial both mentally as well as physical. I have found a place to take a course that will give me some certification which will in turn help develop the credibility of my service but I am a natural and think I have the attributes to get a clientelle that will like my uniqueness. C.

Like I said before, finding a lady that can give a great massage and the special release at the end is something special. I enjoy it very much. I also love to give a massage so I would say yes to the last part! Sign me up!

Meadow, I'm a certified and licensed practioner of Massage Therapy and have been for 8 years now. You have a wide range of clientelle and I'm "responding with authenticity, support, and respect". But "true" massage (especially maternity) juxtaposed with specialties in "happy endings"? That's just disgusting...

You're just a little too judgmental. It's really not, as some think, one or the other. A really great massage that includes a happy ending is a fine thing, if both the client and masseuse agree to it. And while I respect your boundaries, it seems you have little respect for the poster's and by extension, that of anyone who might participate in a complete body massage. Sad.

Massage fantasy is probably the most common fantasy I have. Extremely erotic for me. Have you ever given guys internal massages? I think I would be lifting my hips as a hint if a women massaging me had her hands on my butt.

Enjoyed your story and find it very natural and sincere. Five years ago I began dating a lady who had been a masseuse for two years. At first she worked in a health club but after working long hours and giving away half her pay, she started working out of her own apartment. Her clientelle went from 70 percent female to 90 percent male. Gradually she started doing, like you, select hand releases. At first it made me a little crazy but gradually she showed me it was all so very natural. After a while, I actually enjoyed hearing about her experiences and we both found we could get excited sharing them. She has since moved out west but she taught me to be open and accepting to a sensual natural woman like you. Would love to meet you someday!

some must be 18.......and a touch here or there may be welcomed

Some are but since I ma being paid by the school system...have to be careful

do the HS guys get hard when you give them a message.....?

They probably get aroused but I have to overlook that part

My husband and I love massaging each other (with happy endings) and I have had professional massages (without happy endings) and I do understand the sensual side of both giving and receiving massages. Also, personally, I do not see anything wrong with you providing a happy ending for either a male or female client if your professional judgement is that it is appropriate.<br />
<br />
However, I think your employer is on very shaky ground with their thoughts about having you and your clients massage each other. Be very careful, because you could be put at risk of sexual assault or rape and also because of the possibility of you being arrested on prostitution charges.

yes, the collection of currency in exchange for sexual services is...prostituting unfortunately.

Meadow-<br />
<br />
I work in the entertainment industry and I once asked the hair dresser and make-up girl on the set why it was that they got all the dirt from people. They said it was because they had "licence to touch people". I assume that's the same reason people open up to you during massage.

Oh yea. I like to listen to their concerns and help if I can

do you at least lick the *** off your fingers and hand after giving a client a hand job?<br />
<br />
how hard to the HS guys get when you give them a message?

I don't usually lick it off, not sure who may have a STD or something.
The HS guys I am sure would want a good ending, but will not take that risk

I am sure the guys getting the happy endings just love it..and are repeat customers.<br />
<br />
Any of the high school guys getting the sports massage lucky enough to get the happy endings?

I get a lot of repeat clients
None of the High school clients get more due to their age and the school pays the bill..

I am glad you enjoyed reading this. It is how I feel