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The Magic Hands.

well, i like the feeling of my hands to your body and the pleasure i give you, i also use oils with essential oils and i have secret recipes for long and extented pleasure.The joy of touch and smell its all yours.
blackweirdcat blackweirdcat 46-50, F 7 Responses Jun 11, 2012

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As an LMT, I could not agree more!
Best Wishes, AT

Lucky!! I wish it was me.

Can i massage your breasts?


I could use that right now. Destress a free later? :)..

i'm on holidays i don't know when i will be to ep again.

Aw that's when I spend the most time on here :) any big plans?

could not agree more - I am in a mood of giving a massage today

i'm always in a mood for good massage.

what kind massage you like ? any oil ? any areas u really like to massage ? anything to avoid

Oh wow, are you a masseuse as well?

no,i'm an artist.

Oh, haha. Then why/how do you give so many? I ask because I'm a masseur.

dear,that's why i told you i'm an artist,this is fantasy....but i massage my bf!

Haha, got it. Cool avatar, btw.


You're welcome.

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Sheeshh lady,... Now I'll have a hard time getting through my work day.. nice sexy thoughts that is. I could use a recipe for that as I only use plain old Olive oil or coconut oil.

Here is the recipe, 5 drops of each essential oil, to base 50ml, what ever you wish i use almond oil, orange lemon rosemary chamomile lavender eucalyptus.Great smell! forget the pain if you have,and truly relaxing!