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I like to give massages. And a friend of mine has already told me that I should be a masseuse. Well... one day I was giving him a foot massage because he had sprained his ankle and wanted one. I'm not fond of feet, but he was wasted and shoved his foot in my face. I had no choice. So, after getting him to sing "Toucha-toucha-touch me!! I wanna be dir-ir-ty!!!" I gave a foot massage. Apparently he was a good one because his sister thought he was really getting into it and he finally shouted "OH YOU'RE A GODDESS!!!". This was coming from the guy who normally called me "****" just for giggles. It was hilarious! And since then... he always wants a massage... drunk or sober... which reminds me of the time I gave him a back massage.... he passed out on the kitchen floor during the middle of it.. and stayed there all night.... yeah.. good times...
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Anyone needs a Hug

I completely agree. Same here! People have told me that I should go professional, too. :) But I said I probably wouldn't....

wow that's interesting! yeah, i really hate touching people's feet. i can definitely handle backs tho'. a bunch of people told me i should open up my own massage parlor, but it's better just to give massages for fun or to someone you love/ care about.