Earned It

I am not at all trying to brag. I may be kick *** at pool, but I earned it (and I'm not professional or anything). My big brother taught me how to play pool. I could never beat him. He was just SO damn good at pool in my eyes. He taught me everything I knew about pool (including the "behind the back" shot). So.. when my parents divorced and my brother came over to play pool... I was angry to find that, after all those years, I still couldn't beat him. So.. when school started and he had ball practice, I would go out and practice playing pool. I would practice for a couple hours everyday. Then, during the summer, he got a job... giving me more time to practice. I even practiced in the winter when it was so cold I couldn't feel the cue against my hand (mom wasn't thrilled to learn of this, but I only stayed out for at least a half-hour then). So, when a year had passed, my big brother finally had time to play a game of pool with me. I had told him I practiced.. but I didn't mention everyday! I stomped his ***!! I surprised him, too.. I didn't just step up my old ways, but I had taught myself some new ones! Now he doesn't like to play me at pool anymore, unless he wants a challenge.... and there is the fact that mom got rid of the pool table... =[

It had been about a year since I had played a game of pool... and I was invited to play at my then boyfriend's house... he said he was a descent player... I said I hadn't played in a while... he thought I wouldn't be any good (especially because I am a girl for some reason).... Lets just say that I still had it... and he was very surprised! But.. lets also keep in mind that I won't be playing with his balls and cue stick anymore.. =]

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Billiards is regular pool... just a fancy name for it! :P Glad to know I'd make for an awesome hustler!! Actually.. I already am one... I've got this PS2 game called "The Hustle"... I'm good on there, too... :D

Actually, wait a moment. Maybe it's not. I dunno, it's just snooker? :P<br />
<br />

Hahaha.... snooker is billiards :g If only you could work on your pool skills, you'd make for an awesome hustler. ;D

I quickly learned about the angles and areas to hit the balls. Sadly, I still don't know what exactly snooker is... :P

I think one thing that watching the pro stuff teaches you is that you have to practice certain shots over and over and over and over. I could never get that degree of control of the spin!!! Nor the rebounds :P Snooker is a good way to improve pool skills; I found it a lot more demanding from a technical point (although perhaps a little less fun, in a weird way).

Thanks! I have not tried snooker... but I heard about it on an Agatha Christi game!! haha! I started watching the competition stuff... but it made me realize that even if I am good... I'm no where near as good as them! =] But, yeah... some of those guys/gals are amazing when it comes to pool.

hahhahaha.... great stuff :D Pool is a great game. Did you ever try your hand at snooker? And have you watched competition pool on television? Some of those guys and gals are amazing.