Hehe I Know I Am Good

I absolutely love to have sex. I have been having sex since I was ooooh, 14 years old. I know that I am good in bed so I feel I have some sort of power over the man I am *******. I am good at everything from oral, to sex, to anal (if your my husband), and *** to mouth. I love to be my husbands little *****, and I love it when he slaps my face as I am *******. But enough of what I love. Getting back to how good I am. I have always been naturally gifted at sexual play. I was even good at it the day I lost my virginity. I am truly a bad girl at heart and if you could see my face - you'd think I was a sweet girl. But if you were naughty too - you'd see that I am just a good ***** in disguise. 

SecretLifeofMwah SecretLifeofMwah
4 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I let you tease me any time ;)

sometimes it more powerful to tease then to give in

no no NO doing just teasing.

welllll doing other men - no. teasting and tempting - of course.