Inherited Talent

I got it from my mom. She was the queen of sound effects. She would use them when she read books to me as a small child. It made the books more fun! She also used them to spice up regular everyday conversation. This truly unique talent was passed on to me. I can do impressions and everything from the sound my ceiling fan makes to the crow of a rooster. It has helped me bring comedy into people's lives and turn a boring day at work into something more lively. I have also been told that my storytelling abilities are above normal because of it. I enjoy making someone laugh, even if I look like a total fool doing it!

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41-45, F
4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Thanks for sharing this fun story! I admire your lighthearted and positive approach to life.

I think most husbands can make some sort of sound effects which involve natural gas! Giggle!

Yes! I can burp talk although it gives me a stomach ache!

Can you burp talk??? Now that's a real talent.