Full Time Student...and I Rock At It!

It's true, I am a very good student. But what's kind of sad, in fact, is just how successful a student I've been given how little actual time and effort I put into my studies. I'm sporting a 3.71/4.0 gpa, and I estimate that I might study as little as two hours a day--and that's for four classes! I often feel bad for friends who have studied twice as much for a final course grade of a B or even a C, when I walk out of the classroom for the last time with a solid A--sometimes with the only A given out of as many as twenty students. And considering that I'm not at a top-tier, private institution (not even close, actually!), or can claim to have an especially high IQ (I've only ever tested in the low to mid 120's...maybe a smidgen higher?), I honestly shake my head incredulously when I hear of these instances; it's so surreal to me...
Needless to say, I've been blessed in this area of my life in ways and for reasons that don't make a damn bit of sense. Weird.
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