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I teach English as a foreign language to teens and adults from all over the world - France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, China, South Korea, Japan, South America, Saudi Arabia, Russia.

I've just returned to this work after being made redundant from another job. My redundancy was, in fact, a blessing and it's enabled me to return to work which I really enjoy. I have a great rapport with my students and the work is fun and creative. To do it well you have to be willing to make a fool of yourself from time to time, perhaps miming or acting out the meanings of words and you have to enjoy being "on the stage", giving a lot of yourself and using a lot of energy. It's also an opportunity to learn about and enjoy people from many other cultures.

When I started teaching in 2001, I was working with refugees and asylum seekers in London and had the privilege to teach and get to know people from some of the more challenging parts of the world and who had experienced some very distressing circumstances in their home countries.

It can be demanding and often exhausting but I am enjoying it and I know that I am good at it too.
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there's always one student who makes everyone laugh!

thank you ww3 ... teaching a modern language like English is fun because the language is always changing ... lots of slang and informal street language to teach ... young people especially always want to know how other young English speakers express themselves ... they don't want to sound old fashioned or geeky ... there can be a lot of laughs in class !

well you probably need to enjoy it to do it well ... but I see your point fmf.

It is interesting work fmf.