See The World With Happy Lenses

I may not have a supermodel body and look
I may not be a genius to speak 6 languages, play 3 instruments and got straight As most of my life
i do silly things sometimes
i fall in love with wrong people a few times before and may still do in the future
i cant sing
i m not particularly good at any sports


I m working on my "imperfections"
i think its is my attitude to strive for growth makes me a perfect human being.
I dont let self-pity stop me from aiming high.
at the end of the day, my hard-work still may not make me "successful" ,but as long as i always have peace and joy in heart, i shall be the happiest person in the world...whats more to ask for?

MissisNobody MissisNobody
18-21, F
Nov 1, 2011