I Am!

I wish I could have felt this way my whole life. I have finally stopped trying to fit into other peoples ideals. I no longer need anyone else to validate me. I am not perfect and not everyone will love, or even like me! But I have decided I am good enough. And I am happy with that : )

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31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

i too have things that would make life better, and wants, of course i do! but i now feel i am good enough to deserve things now, i dont put blockages in the way, as i used to. my job could be better, and other things in fact. but as you say it pays the bills, and enables me to do the fun things i want to outside of work. <br />
you say you are happy with who you are, and are by yourself but cool with it. sounds like the beginnings of good things to come : ) for me and for you!!!!

Power to you! I'm working on it too and basically am happy with who I am except for that I'm lacking focus for anything. It would be nice to find a true passion and follow it all the way, but I've lost sight of that during the last 20 years which were full of hard work trying to provide a perfect situation for others who ere dear to me. Well, it did not work out, I'm by myself now and that's cool. What worries me is that I have not found anything that is fun and will pay the bills at the same time.