I believe that being gorean is about more than girls... For me it is about living with honor, being true to my own nature( HONORING THE MONSTER WITHIN) ( I call the monster Hunter) & I call to the MONSTER....ENBRACE it... Rejoice in the fact that my true nature is what it is....*SMILES* my BELIEFS are products of my experiances.... If you take the time to read them there are insights to me , my verySOUL, in these storys... I hav writen my experiances my DESIRES, my goals and dreams.... Even a few of my nightmares.... If you don't like my storys ,you would NOT like me in real life. This is where there is NO mask at all.... I work hard at not wearing a false face in real time.... But survival is such that at times I must comprmise with my values.... But not often. To my friends.... ( you know who you are) I am loyal and protective... To my enamys....*GRINS* WELLLLL... YOU ALSO KNOW WHO YOU ARE.......
41-45, M
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I have meet u and your monstersir and i like them both....:)