Closet Red Silk Slave

All my life i have searched for something that represented how i feel inside... i do not live the lifestyle openly, but every action, every thought..every word i say is motivated by who and what i am...


I wanted to crawl to the men, to tell them I understood, to beg them to have me, to let me give them pleasure.
I wanted to please them as a slave girl, theirs. My eyes were vulnerable with the helpless lust of a bound girl who would crawl to a man to serve him.
I had not dreamed such an emotion could exist. It was not merely that I was eager to piteously and submissively display my beauty to them, that they might be moved to take it in their arms and vanquish it, but, beyond this, I was overwhelmed by an entire dimension of emotion which might be spoken of, though inadequately, as the desire to yield service and love. I wanted to give, unstintingly, with no thought of return. Always I had been concerned with what I might obtain. Now, for the first time in my life, in my joy and self-acceptance as a female slave, I wanted to give. I wanted to give all of myself, wholeheartedly, to deliver and bestow myself unto them as their girl, who loved them and would do all for them, asking nothing. I wished to be nothing, and to give all.
I wanted to be their slave.
I shook with the selfless ecstasy of the slave girl.
I wanted to crawl to them to tell them that I now understood, and that I was theirs. I wanted to cry out to them, to weep, to kneel to them, to kiss and lick submissively at their bodies in my joy.
Slave Girl of Gor - Page 102

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u have a good submissive soul , that captured all Masters hearts

u have a submissive soul indeed , that's make u precious to all Masters hearts

That is a particularly nice passage!!! *smiles*

Thank You Master, she will do that once she has her lap top... <br />
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this is her works computer... and privacy as well as lacking...

You may look me up Acher Back and I will send kajira to help you get started. The learning curve is steep but you will have sisters to assist you.

thank You master, this girl is honored by Your invitation and recommendation.<br />
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Second life is something i have thought about...

Tal<br />
Come to Second Life and join a Gorean community - I'm partial to Port Kar. It's not Real LIfe but it's better than nothing.