Six Weeks In

and i am seeing my breast develop very nice. i have been taking 540 mg of black cohosh, saw palmetto, 530 of dong quai, and soy isoflavones once a day and the girls are growing very fast, but i already have a very high estrogen level to start with so it wont be long before i am a full 38c....... and on top of that my hips are changing and skin is getting softer
Mizsuzy Mizsuzy
46-50, T
4 Responses May 6, 2012

I am so jealous! all the herbals gave me was a stomach ache

lol that was posted 5 months ago and since then my **** have really grown a lot. and the key to taking herbals is taking them with a meal and avoiding caffeine so that should stop the belly aches

Thank you for the advise! The caffeine would be the hard part to avoid. But I will have to think about trying again with your recipe.

Sounds wonderful

sounds great, keep up the good work sweety

cool you go girl