When my wife was convinced I was not sufficiently masculine for her wishes, she made sure I would look more feminine by growing breasts. I knew she wanted them to be obvious as she told me that they had to fill at least a B cup.

It took some time between the hormones and the herbs, but eventually they were there, and visible under large tee shirts even without a bra. I commented that I would have to purchase X large tee shirts for the gym and X large polo shirts for golfing. She told me if I did, the shirts all would be womens X Large so the breasts would be visible.

The others at the gym can not help but notice them. When I bought X large men's polos to wear while golfing, she became not pleased, and pulled out a bra which I now wear while golfing. She said "if you are going to act womanly, you must look womanly".
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Isn't it nice to have your own now. I can't keep my hands off mine.

May I ask how large your breasts are? Does she wish to reshape you so you can live as a woman? Do you dress and/or enjoy being more feminine?

between a B and C
I enjoy being more feminine