In Between

i have learned to be thankful throughout and in between the big, little, hectic, calm, craziness that i call life.

this last thanksgiving we got together as a whole family. since i am living with my grandparents, seeing my mum and dad is kind of a big deal. i didn't know what to expect. what happened though, i certainly didn't foresee.

ten days would seem a little soon to see certain family if you have been removed from them don't you think? mo said she'd stay home if she couldn't handle coming....of course she came. and so did the things that i had run and gotten away from.

the tenseness and akward-ness got so bad i couldnt talk to me own brothers without being monitored. before we left, i was talked about for about 20-25 minuted. I want there but it was obvious. my aunt even came in at one point to remind me that even though it was obvious that i was the subject, that it wasnt my fault. how often have you been reminded lately that you are loved and that its not all your fault?

For this i am truly grateful.
emozebra emozebra
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012