This life has been and is and will continue to be the biggest magic known. I am grateful to finally overcome my own beliefs and self planted obstacles and walls, I am so thankful the nagging noise in my head has quietened for long enough, that I for the first time could have taken a deep fresh breath, and feel the flow of the energy. Feel the pains and aches of body and mind to just move away, to just vanish into thin air. I am so grateful for all the experiences I am being put through - the good and the even better, to grow as a spiritual being. I am grateful for the inner strength that I can now recognise, feel and rely on completely. I am so glad for all that I have learned over the last few months, which helped me become a better another person - ME. I don't know who I was, and I don't know how I became it, I wasn't bad, just wasn't me. Felt guilty for my facts, felt disappointed with myself, felt unhappy about being with me until I realised, that I wasn't me. the heaviest particle of me got detached, the culturally cultivated part, the confused part which aimlessly regretted and disbelieved all there was. I become one with knowing, I become one with all! :) I love this. :) Just needed to vent this.
monty1212 monty1212
26-30, F
Aug 18, 2014