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Life/Love Lessons...According To The World Of Lady Bronte

I am grateful for most of these lessons I've learned along the way - but definitely not all of them, nor the hard way in which I learned them.

• You can't rush love or put a time limit on love - it simply takes the time it takes – and no one’s story is the same.

• You can call anything, humor, friendship, wealth....but there is no substitute for the real thing that’s going to last.

• People are people, are all looking for basically the same thing - some have learned lessons one and two; others have not.

• Love is not always shiny and pretty; sometimes it is tarnished, dented and painful and it has the power to destroy.

• You don’t get to choose who you will love - rich or poor, gorgeous or merely passable - your heart will decide for you and then you become just a passenger on that wild ride.

• If you are careless with love, it will be careless with you.

• S*x does not equal love.

• Love does have the power to heal most lives.

• Love without communication is doomed.

• Love is hands down the most misunderstood emotion in the universe.

• Love is never your enemy. Your true enemy is simply the way imperfect humans handle it or the lack thereof.

• Love in all its glory and wonder is the only thing that will help us forgive those who have hurt us along the way.
LadyBronte LadyBronte 46-50, F 14 Responses Dec 7, 2010

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This z exactly wht i wanted 2 knw 4rm my last question...thnx 4 the Ep link 2 here......i luv this one!! <3 (:

This z exactly wht i wanted 2 knw 4rm my last question...thnx 4 the Ep link 2 here......i luv this one!! <3 (:

Thanks. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the read. :)

Love this!! Stay beautiful dear!!

Thanks. :)

Not bad lessons to learn.

No too fun, but as you say - not a bad thing to learn.

Well assembled and thought out :) I like this tidbit of info :)

Thank you. :)

Love is having not say that you are sorry. Love requires no apology too.
A lovely and beautiful thought in to the "mind of love".

Very few people ever find that type of love - that requires no apology. But it is something to strive for.

yes easily said than done. But, it has happened.

Those people are the lucky ones. :)

I know this writing has been up for some time now, and I know this is late coming. But I just found it today. It was so well written, and yes, profound, I had to say something. Love is the strongest force in the world, and most likely the universe. It is love that makes us look outside of ourselves and propels us to sacrifice our wants and needs for the sake of another. It is the reason a pregnant woman will give up her life if that is the only way to birth her baby. It is the reason that a man will toil at a job he hates to safeguard and support his wife and family. It is the reason that a man will willingly die to protect his country. It is the reason that the woman steps in front of the baby, the reason a man steps in front of the wife when danger is nigh.

No other emotion is as strong. Fear is strong but will not supply willing sacrifice. Hate is strong, but repels the gentle soul. Love is the only emotion that the human heart instinctively yearns for, and will die without. Love is the thing once given, is more precious than diamonds. Love is the thing once earned, is what can sustain you through trials and hardships. Love is sacrifice.

The question is, whatever happened in 2010, are you feeling better now?

Thank you. Yes, things are better now, even if not optimal.

Brilliant, LB. I think you captured it all so perfectly. Thanks.

Thank you. :)

Wow this is BRILLIANT. Did you pen it all yourself? really good stuff :)

Thank you. Yes, I did. They really are the lessons I've learned along the way. :)

Wow, I try to find one truth to post each day, and here you have writtne a whole slew of them in one place. Well done, Lady.

Thank you, GMP. These lessons were all learned the hard way so not easily forgotten. :)

I know what you mean. The hardest things we learn are always the ones that stay permanently.

That is SO true, GMP!

Just too bad, that it hurts so much to learn them. Why can't we learn these lessons from a over's handbook?

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Very well put, Jenga!

Love also blossomes best with honour, grace and dignity...

Thank you Indelible. Glad you enjoyed my musings.

very well said=) thanks for sharing