My Life Lessons So Far

I have come to the conclusion that no matter the upbringing, your **** up’s no measure, no matter how smart or dumb, we are all naive, and “only human”. I think that these “mistakes” aren’t mistakes at all but are lessons that make us who we are today.
Deep words for a young adult who doesn’t know **** about ****!!!
23 and only just starting to think, (and yes it hurts but yet it works) maybe I could have done better, and not given into peer pressure....... but **** ME it’s been a good ride and like I said I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t live a life I couldn’t afford....... 
Never in my short life did I think that I would be the friend you can confide in!!!! ME of all people, I messed it up with the best of them.... and still to this day thank my FEW true friends for pointing me to the exit of the dark abyss, that is unbelievably easy to fall into, yet only then did I realise how time is relevant, because who knows where you will be in a year or two...... I had great parents who always showed me the right way, but who cares what they think, right? Or even what you think, it’s what everyone else thinks that matters........ I know that’s what I thought! Well what a load bollocks that was!
Yeah I had a laugh but I am not what I could be!!!!! As a kid I hope at this grand old age I would be on the other side other world hanging from a cliff or deep in the jungle filming exotic wildlife, (I filmed a beetle in Spain whilst on holiday once not the same really but i was living the dream). But come on who the **** is that lucky to be doing their dream job? (Dream JOB) see now this is my puzzle.... why JOB? To me a job keeps you rooted and the keeps you normal!!!! Why would you want normal? Sod that I have flown like a bird (well floated about a bit in an air tunnel) I want to die living and not live to die!!!! As a legend in time would be nice... But a legend in my own mind will have to do :)
Lol tbf i really do impress myself sometimes! Maybe a comedian or philosopher..... hmmmmmmmm.... Thinking about it laughing at my own jokes doesn’t count, but **** me! I should rule something! LMAO, NO REALLY, I’m surprised I am allowed to look after myself!! Even god him/herself has no clue as to how I have wanged it this far!!
Up untill now its all been a bit of a all on me now i suppose!
junglist99 junglist99
22-25, M
Sep 7, 2012