Who Is In Control????

YES. I am grateful for my life lessons because I am a God Fearing Person that believes that My Lord and Savior is in total control on the outcome and have the faith that all things work to good
for those who believe.

My life lessons will strengthen me for greater challenges and successes, for prosperity and goodness.

We as humanity are not pawns that are moved aimlessly on a game board by the deity. Our Almighty God asks us to obey his commandments and follow His teachings in the bible. That if we love one another as we would like to be loved than God will have us prosper and receive His ultimate blessing in Heaven.

So each lesson is a test!!! That test helps us to grow and mature and strengthens our selves.

The beloved comedian Joan Rivers wrote in her book, quoting a Rabbi,
"Yesterday is History, Today is a Mystery, Tomorrow is a Present, Life is a Gift.

Live life to it's Fullest and be a righteous person, in God's Fullness and likeness
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