I Came From Life's Catastrophe

As a person, I can say I haven't been through a lot compared to other people. But what I am sure of is I've gone through difficult times.

Life has taught me to be brave. Life has taught me to be independent at all times. God has given me so much time to be myself and to search what strengths I could use to defend myself against people.

I was betrayed by my closest friends, bad-mouthed by people I've just met, criticized by my boss, deprived by my co-employee to things I deserve, pushed by my students to the limit, back stabbed by my trusted friends in school..

I asked God for guidance. I know he has done such things to make me stronger. I know he wanted me to be wiser and patient in all people I meet everyday. It is the faith that keeps me going, and the love and belief I have for God will save me.

Life could be unfair, a cycle I cannot fully understand.

How come humans are subject to all these kind of emotions?

Still, at the curtain's call, I believe that all is well that ends well.
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Oct 14, 2012