Mirror Mirror Rebirth

She has been caressed
all her fair life, withdrawing into her chance
to reward the world
with a sacrifice, her limbs float
upstairs to the sun, her arms outstretched
she looses each moment before, ready to open

up from this underworld earth, kissing air
her mouth, the lips know without knowing
beforehand the song, her eyes accept
death, she has been stroked
for the light
her feet lightly on a new

tomorrow, to the gods she
rises upon each step undressing
as the priests take her hand
to take her heart, and on her last
step she trips without a voice
into a polished reflection

of sky twirling between her skin
and sacred mortal pain only the priests
that fall rapidly wild against the bloody night
can touch
as their hearts explode with fire
as the stairs crumble into a quiet exhale

and she reverses
before the disappearing mirror
a polished reflection arranged on an unfamiliar plane.
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Jan 22, 2013