This is me back in September 2013 , the pic came out dark but also I worked very hard , not much of junk or fast food eater , I switched to a high protein diet for almost 11 years now , I haven't done any weight lifting in about 9 years now either , built a home weights out of concrete and did my stuff for about a year when I felt like a work out back in 2004 -2005 , never been to a gym , it's all hard work physically and the discipline of a healthy diet , well I don't fancy oil/ fry foods etc much any way - I had tummy injuries internally due to my past childhood and hard work in estates so had to quit my training after a year or so due to discomforting pains in my belly button area , will try complete story when I upload my pic of when I was a kid .
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Thanks for sharing your story. I'm trying to lead a healthy lifestyle too.

yes that's good , it benefits overall - you feel more energetic , you slow down aging process , cause im 35 years to date , and looks young - you avoid certain chronic illness , you got more resistance overall physically, you can work harder - basically i stuck to wheat in my flour / carbo consumption - whole wheat stuff , fruits and vegs , well i use fish/ eggs mostly as my protein source , chicken as my white meat source ( not fried) drinks my cow's milk , yea im a kiddie still lol , lots of water , recently cut out sugar or pop soda drinks and drinks fruit juices , well I like the cran/ grape juice drink - and all I got to do is do a few pull ups , push ups and I start to rip up back again.

Sounds good. I need to work on my diet. I know it's not good. I guess it'll take time to undo bad habits.

sure , that will be nice for you on the whole :) - in a two year span naturally for sure, could be even less, 6 months depends , you would completely change physically - and yes, take time to do it bit by bit , once you get your mind off the bad habits , and know its for your health - you will do fine!

Thanks for the encouraging message :). Before I used to think fast results. Now I realise for anything to last you have to give it time. So if it takes two years for a lasting change then so be it!

yep, and you are welcome - yea natural change takes time in the body once you keep putting in the good stuff - so just keep at it and you will sure have that lasting change for good! :)

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