No Doubt

Have you ever opened the TV and watched poor people's life? I feel so terrible and sad for them, especially the ones in Africa. Everytime I think or watch about them I feel so grateful for my life. Even though I've had lots of problems and a bad childhood but that does not compare to what these poor people are going through. It's not just poverty but stress, death, hunger, problems and all of that. Thanks god, I had a good life that I willl be forever grateful for. Of course, everyone had at least one thing that always bothers them, mine is my past (that, I won't be grateful for), what's yours? If you ever went through a point where you said, "I wish I was dead" or "I hate my life." Just think about other people who have much worst conditions than you and never nag about a thing. There are people with disabilities, people with a fatal disease, people cutting there hands for a piece of bread, trust me, those people have worst conditions than yours. I am really grateful for my life, no doubt.

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3 Responses Jun 11, 2007

Thanks and I actually understand what your saying and youre right instead of nagging abt our life we should help other people and be grateful for what we have :).

Oh, but sometimes I get so confused. I have so much that I feel like I have no right to ever be sad. And why should I ever improve my life because there are people with so much less... It all doesn't make sense. But then I tell myself to shut up, stop being so extremist, and go do something to help other people. Sheesh. :P

Hear hear! I totally agree!!! Be grateful for what you have, because some people can't even have life. =D