EP Gave Me A Surprise Blessing. Her Name Is Weekender1

I am sitting across from a lovely, genuine person. We met on EP. WHY? We are both ourselves on this site... We are the real deal.

Our friendship took off the moment we met. We have no egos. We were open, trusting, appreciative. I sit and look at her and can't believe my good fortune. I would never have believed EP would lead me to such a stellar human.

Thank you for visiting me, Weekie. Don't look, I am tearing up from the emotion of all that you are.... All that you mean to me. You are one terrific person. You are one huge heart. You are one I will always remember with love.

May I bring you a cup of coffee? You're the best!
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I'm so very happy to hear that EP played a part in bringing two very kind people together.

Our friendship truly is an example of everything that's RIGHT about EP!

Your friendship is very infectious.
Will you let me prepare that coffee for the two of you?

We would both feel too guilty.... We are not used to people, especially men waiting on us, but we'll give it a try! ( uses his back as footstool ) haha! Thanks for stopping by!

I won't mind waiting . It's a great pleasure to serve people like you.
Enjoy the coffee :)

May the pleasures of life bless your existence & may your strife make those joys all the sweeter.

This is one of the things that gives me hope for social media & the human race as it adapts to it.

No one is more surprised than me. I NEVER would have believed it could happen. Best of luck !

What a treat for both of you. Both of you are twice blessed
` coming and going. May the joy continue forever. xoxo mini

We sure are having a good time, Mini. You are very nice yourself! ;-).

Aww.....you said so many nice things here....I don't even know what to say except...you MUST be crazy!! But I love ya babydoll...and am so glad I met you. You're the sweetest and most kind hearted person...I'm not sure why you even talk to me sometimes...but I sure am glad you do. Thank you so much....for being my friend....and so much more. Now...I'll have to look up for a bit so "I" don't tear up! Oh...and let me get that coffee for YOU....ok?

You do realize we gag most people ? Lol. Let's eat that cheesecake.

Isn't that half the fun? Lets do! Lime or coconut? I can't decide. ;)

Ha! The cheesecake is from me....and if you want one too...I'll see you in April.

I'll have to go wrestle that pig for you then....I AM a pro, you know!

He he he...maybe someday I'll actually write THAT story!

Hmm...you may want to reconsider that...if you REALLY knew the story! LOL I may have to leave that one out for a bit. It may make me REEEEAL popular!

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How wonderful! Enjoy the gift of friendship.

Thanks gray. We are having such fun. May your EP life bring you much joy.


She's sitting right across from me and has no idea.... Har de har har....

LMAO! Nice!