Since This Is All That I Should Be Enough

I always wish to have more, when I get something I wanted a lot, I feel good then I wish for something has to do with the human beings nature .But I am really greatful because I have a lot of things that maybe a lot of other ones don't.;I am healthy, I have a nice family, I have many friends, I go to school, I try to enjoy my life.that is not to say that I am satisfied 100 % but I do have what makes me feel greatful :) I cannot deny that I don't want a lot of other things But I have faith that those who are not greatful and who don't appreciate what they have could never have what they's don't . :)
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Thank you kimmy!! <br />
have a nice day

You are right sunshineofyourlove!Gratitude leads to happiness .<br />
Thanks for you comment :)

Voilà Bravo Dandaberryshakers!!!<br />
I totally agree with you!Thanks for your comment :)