Sometimes we forget...
I speak for myself, on some day's i wake up and forget to be greatful, I have a roof over my head and all the things i need to get me through the day. I wish we could all be so blessed. I know for a fact I live above average, and the things i buy on a regular basis i could live without. I am greatful when I stop and think about being wise and not using that God given wisdom. How do I step up being greatful everyday? I do pray and truly not enough, to be thankful is like knowing your greatful. I know I should be greatful for my life, to I thank God. Im sure even non believers can be greatful, and before salvation there were times i can remember i was.
Everyday is not promised and the things that happen within a day can be tragic, unpleasent, and undeserved. I am loved, I know because people tell me, and i have heard all my life that Jesus loves me... have faith in the hopes and dreams you have and be greatful, living where we can be greatly educated we can acheeve almost anything.
Be realistic be greatful... :)
believetheword believetheword
22-25, M
Sep 5, 2012