Grabbing Opportunities

I don't believe in coincidence. Not that it doesn't exist, I just don't want it to be. If I don't believe in it, I know I will work better with every opportunity I get. And I also am grateful for everything I have, and try to use everything to its fullest. I also show appreciation, people love that.

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Maybe you might come to think about it that way, because in a sense time doesn't create it guides. Like a father would his child.

Something different now: I've always wondered why Time is male, "father Time" ?

Well one of them anyway.

That's the big question.

So what should time be, how do we understand it incorrectly?

It is always your unconscious guiding you it is just that for whatever reason we have what we believe to be a fundamental understanding of the world around us (well partly). We create concepts and make use of them. If fate is a useful concept (though for science it has proven not to be) then why not make use of it. Just because we have two ways of viewing the world it doesn't make one right. Can we use both to have a rich experience of life? Remember we cannot prove anything anyway.<br />
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But yes I don't really believe in fate or destiny as well (I don't really believe in anything). But I think our understanding of time itself is not very good, so these concepts may be a manifestation of some form of confusion.<br />
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Anyway I really should go.

I don't believe in destiny, or how everything could should would be intertwined and so forth, but, I do believe that you see whatever you want. It's all about choices, focus.... If you want to see that yellow car today, you will. Because hey, you are watching! You want it to come by, and when it does, you are surprised. You like this surprise, (and egocentered the mind is, we make up all kinds of ways of believing that we were actually the ones who made it possible, or believe it's "coincidence", oh, "the universe is trying to tell me something!" all kinds of stuff really..), and so, I truely believe that your unconcious gets you to do things, link things, get you believing in whatever you believe, just to get those surprises, happy moments, everything you want, and even not be aware that you really want it, or how to describe it, etc. So in a way, this could be described as destiny, but I just call it ' your unconcious guiding you' .

Logically I agree with you entirely. Though, there are times that something just seems too coincidental. Maybe it is a psychological phenomenon, but sometimes I wonder?