And Never Satisfied

I'm never satisfied with who I am and what I've done.  Maybe that's a cultural thing.  Something rooted in education, upbringing and childhood. 

Not that my parents urged me to be successful.  They only wanted me to give the best of me in everything.  Especially they wanted me to become a decent and good person. 

In my youth I tried hard not to meet these goals and I developed my own opinions about what it is to be a 'good person',.  But the notion never faded, it just transformed. 

In my way I tried to be honest, decent and good.  My many failures made me a dissatisfied person quite often.  But if someone wants to know: I'm glad I tried and that's why I'm very grateful for all those who helped me in being who I finally am.

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I think it is all right not to feel satisfied with who we have become, but accept who we are now, and work on who we can possibly be. We never stop creating who we are, More... and faerie knows you know this better than I do. =)

you are so wise, Sylph...

thank you for your interesting comment, tatsutorasatoshi.