I Am So Grateful

I am nothing on my own.

Everything I have, I owe back to God, and so much more.

Nothing I could ever do would be enough to save myself, or even enough to erase my guilt.  

I am eternally grateful, and for as long as He lends me breath, I shall be.

stormynightsky stormynightsky
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Well, um....ok....what a comment this is. I am not married and have no marriage troubles (of my own at least) but um thanks for the tip! :p

we should not be taken away by emotional pls lets pray to God and before marrying so that when ever ur husband want to change is atitute u tell God, the man u gave to me as my husband and my life is trying to live me or is maltreating me, take the matter to God and see if he is not going to turn ur husband head back to u, the problm we women are facing today in our matrimonial homes is becos we dont seek the face of God before marrying, i pray that the Almighty God will look over those women who are suffering from the hands of the wicked men. just keep on excises patient and be praying no matter what God will surely see u tro.