A Magic Taste

Life is full of decisions, some change your whole day or maybe your whole life. When we wake up we decide whether it will be another one of those normal days with normal people and normal things, or it will be a boring day with boring things and annoying people, or even whether it will be a happy day, happy people and happy things. 
Can we really choose what kind of day we want? Not everyday, sometimes the storms hit before you choose the serenity. But lately what I have noticed is that even when I felt a physical pain that I was able to feel joy in my day.
Why? Because I have realized that no matter what happens, I am grateful to be alive still. Happiness is another spice that I put or not in this mixture of feelings that I call life. And for today, with the ray of the sun coming through my window, I decide to use an indispensable spice...a pinch of tender smiles.
You should try, it gives a magic taste.
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7 Responses Jul 10, 2011

-_- I have fresh cloths on too! and new shoes!

I do change the towels! about once a week!

I take a shower every single day! and i use many soaps.

I am good like that!


It is because I make you laugh so much. Every time you talk to me over the phone you are always laughing!

I know exactly how you feel. Everyday is something to be savoured. :)