I Am.

The universe is full of destruction; planets waste away, stars die, entire galaxies collide - galaxies; galaxies which are paradoxically held together and partially eaten away by black holes. Why, we have a thousand or so hypervelocity stars bouncing around our galaxy alone. In our universe, so far as we can observe, life is scarce; Indeed, so far as we can observe, it is unique.
Around 70,000 years ago, human numbers shrunk to as low as 2000 - humanity only narrowly escaped extinction. So far as one can even account for oneself, as an individual, the chances of one's conception are only one in at least 50 million - and that is to say nothing of the chances of one's parents' conception or of their parents' conception.

And yet here I stand.

Against seemingly impossible odds, and from the depths of that terrific cluster of fire and blackness; from the universe -- which regards even itself with perfect indifference -- I have inherited my sentience.

And Death - inevitable Death - Death which is imminent.

This is why I am grateful to be alive.
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2 Responses Feb 3, 2012

WOW!!! What an amazing perspective on life and death. I really enjoyed reading this, not only for the content and meaning, but the eloquence of your writing.<br />
Even at my age, you have given me something to ponder, when I'm falling into my own black hole. When you put it like this, it does make one step back, and think about the odds that we are here at all. Thank you. I am also grateful to be alive this day.

So am I !