Small Wonders

I have had two major life altering injuries in my life.One was a serious fall while working and the other was a reaction to a medication. The fall was the most painful physically as well as emotionally since it took away my sense of immortality and made me see that life is very short and can be taken at any time.
I later realized that I needed to have this experience to appreciate life on a much deeper level. Since my teens I had been running ninety with my hair on fire and I lacked brakes of any kind. After the fall I was forced to slow down. Since that time I have seen wonderful things happen and begun to really appreciate the very small gifts life has to offer if you only take the time to look for them.
Today I try not to take life for granted, I try to live well, laugh as often as possible and look for the small wonders.
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2 Responses Jun 21, 2012

You understand. Life is short and fragile and at times painful,but you have to see that there is goodness in that pain. I had a near-fatal wreck, and after years of depression and pain, see now that it was a needed experience. The way I think has changed. I'm still the same, but different.

Thank you, I all ways love your simple words of wisdom, simple but profound .<br />
As humans our thirst for knowledge and complicating life can be our greatest down fall, and any how, the more i know , the less i understand. Thanks.

You are very welcome.