Too Many 'second Chances'

I'm certainly grateful to be healthy right now, even if I'm still not exactly 'normal'.
To start, even as a baby I wasn't supposed to be real, seeing as I was born a month and a half prematurely and taken as my mothers fifth child at c-section. As for why I was born so premature, it was because my mothers umbilical cord was starting to tear and the like.

Not to mention, I've been hit by numerous cars, including a bus, and two pickup trucks. As well, I've caught hypothermia and pneumonia quite a bit, too. However, I've only been hospitalized four times in my life.
Once for a broken pinky, another was caused by the first time I had anorexia, a drug overdose. And lastly, I was placed in a psyche-ward.

Now. I can proudly say my schizophrenia and paranoia are getting better, slowly, but surely. I'm no longer anorexic, and even though I aim for a very low weight, this goal has thankfully become rather irrevelent to my daily activities. My bipolarism isn't too bad, though it never was extreme, and I'm taking anger management classes.
Lastly, I'm incredibly thankful for the fact I had the support of both my psychiatrist, friends, and the group I was going to, during my recovery of Painkiller and Opiate addiction. I can, once again, proudly say I've been clean for half a year now, and I couldn't be happier.

Nih Nih
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 3, 2008

It is not up to us when our time is up so you are obviously here for a reason. God Bless you and all you have been through! *hugs*