The Fall

A few years ago, I decided to try every drug in the world. My only exceptions were meth, crack cocaine and heroin. I started this journey thinking that it would been a life changing endeavor to try all of this things that for so long everyone had been telling me not to. How many times in your life have you wanted to experience something for yourself, for better or for worse? Well in my story it's probably for the worse.

So in the summer of '06, I invited my good friend (lets say his name was Aric) Aric to come and work with me on this farm. I had worked on this farm the previous two summers and had a good standing with the owners. The owners of this little farm asked me to find someone else that summer to help on the different projects. As a matter of fact, this particular summer involved restructuring the inside of a 150 year old barn.

Now as further back story the summer prior, my co-workers and i were tasked with renovating a pretty beat up tree house along with other various tasks around the farm.  The tree house sat about 20 feet off the ground and was about 5 feet high. Well, along with renovating the tree house, my co-worker and i decided to build a loft above the tree house. So we grabbed thick 2 x 14's, planks, rails, screws, and lag bolts and made a loft about 10 feet above the tree house, equipped with a trap door, and railing so an average person could sit up against it or kneel over it if they so desired. All in all, this loft was about 30 - 35 ft off the ground and above the tree house.

So back to the story Aric, the one who I invited to come work that summer was my drug buddy. We made a pact, after I had told him my drug intentions, to try to try everything. It so happened that him and I were looking online for something to get ****** up on that we had never tried before. Somehow DXM came into play, and we decided to take Benadryl to achieve the desired effects.  Needless to say this was a bad idea. Since each pill has such a small amount of DXM in it ( I forget the exact amount per pill ) we each had to take quite a bit to trip. I ended up taking 32 pills and i dont remember how many he took.

So during this trip we decided to go up into the treehouse, smoke some weed and play some chess. Well, after what seemed like only a few minuets up there I start tripping hard. I'm seeing **** that wasn't there, I'm allegedly speaking gibberish, all the while still smokin weed and playing chess. Somewhere in between the fall and the chess I black out and stop making memories. Apparently instead of using the ladder to climb down the tree, I decided to just fall off. 30+ feet, with only tall grass to break the fall.

The next memory I have is waking up in the hospital with that heart rate monitor on my finger dazed and confused. My friend told me what happened days later, when I could actually make sense of things again. And to this day my neck still hurts. Looking back I probably would have died if I wasn't ****** up, because I must have been really relaxed as I hit the ground. I know for a fact I landed on my neck because for the next few weeks I had sharp pains in my neck and upper arms, a horrible pain which I really have trouble describing.

So, in closing, stay away from drugs because your life is so much more meaningful. It's a great opportunity we have as people on this earth at this time right now. Live life dont throw it away for a stupid high. Ciao

solyshol solyshol
22-25, M
Feb 22, 2009